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Looking for Concept Artist & Level Designer

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    [UNPAID] Looking for Concept Artist & Level Designer


    This game is in an early development stage. Set in the future, a viral outbreak cause genetic mutations to a small population of wildlife and people in North America. Quarantined on the remote island Tetepare, they must use their new mutations to their advantage.

    Open-world, survival, multiplayer.

    Includes crafting, taming, building and clans.

    A more in depth description is on the discord server.

    Team Currently:
    - 3D artist/modeller
    - Environment concept artist
    - Writer

    Team members needed:
    - 2d concept artists
    - Texture/render artists
    - Level Designer (Unreal Engine) who can build the game map

    No coder needed to code the game?


      I do need coders and programmers of course. But as of now we are just working on 3d modelling/rigging and concepts before progressing.


        Am happy to help as Level Designer, Dont except Senior Game Designer but am ok with my skills for your MMOFPS game. i just want to improve my self on that stage, If you want to give someone a chance to improve his Skills it will be nice
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