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AUSTRALIAN - Based Blueprints Programmer required. Survival FPS.

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    [CONTRACT/ROYALTY] AUSTRALIAN - Based Blueprints Programmer required. Survival FPS.

    Australian ?

    Looking for (Australian only) based Programmers to help with multiplayer survival FPS.

    Prefer someone with solid knowledge of Blueprints and how to add new features to an existing functional project.

    The Project is currently playable via Steam online subsystem & the main Player / Character is in place and able to Survive and kill others as expected at this stage.
    The newly Required Player / Character will make a huge difference to the play style of the game.

    It is currently written Entirely with Blueprints at this stage, So no C++ is Required until later stages.

    Require: a Confident & knowledgeable Blueprint Programmer to help add another Character & character selection feature to our current build Via a Widget BP and Main menu BP's. Which Appears before or once the multiplayer level has loaded.
    Allowing the Selection of the Characters upon loading into the Multiplayer World and Spawning as the chosen character.

    Note: The Characters are completely different and will use different Skeletons & animations.

    The new Character has it's own skeleton / Rig and Anims that need to be structured and called via appropriate Blueprints.
    The 2 different Characters need to be able to damage each other also of course and be fully replicated, like the current player / character_BP.

    The Project has great potential once the new Character has been added.

    As the project is currently Self funded,
    Hoping to find someone with some spare time and willing to commit some of that to this when they can.

    We Understand, We all have lives / work etc.

    A payment plan can be discussed upon Skill level / experience / work pace.
    Must have solid proven experience, and tasks must be completed to satisfactory before a full payment would be received.

    Current Team:
    Small Team of 2 motivated, self funded Dev's at this stage.

    Myself - Game design, Level Designer, Basic Environment 3D art/props, Basic- intermediate Blueprints, Basic Graphic Design.

    Animator / Rigger - Full Rigging & Animations artist. Characters, weapons, vehicles etc, Sequencer, 3D art skills, Basic - intermediate Blueprints.

    This is not your typical Survival style FPS !
    The New Character adds a Twist.

    If You are in Australia & interested in more information on the project Please feel free to DM me. Cheers.
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    still looking for an experienced blueprint developer?

    not Australian but I can be of a great help. remotely.



      my email if you ever changed your mind!


        Thanks, will keep you mind.. But we are needing someone based in Australia. No Over seas remote work will be offered at this stage.


          I'm in New zealand but thought i would add my hat to the ring , i have worked other contracts and had good feedback.

          Here are a couple of youtube link's of my personal project, to get an idea what i can do:


            Hey Razman, Thanks for your interest.
            Your personal work looks good.

            The position is currently filled as of last night.

            but as You're next door to us / NZ,

            I'll keep You in mind for any extra Tasks that may arise.

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