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[PAID] UE4 Progammer needed for 2 BP options (more work available)

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    Doesn't UE4 already have a system like this?

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  • [PAID] UE4 Progammer needed for 2 BP options (more work available)


    Here is a video I recorded using Google Earth.

    I need a similar option in my project in-game.

    1 - Linear spline following terrain ( Left Click on "Spline Button" to start that mode, then LC to create points to create the line, Right Click to stop creating points and exit that mode.)
    2 - Similar but this time having a surface being created as you exit the mode or as you are creating it (similar as the video provided)

    Terrain is already created, I am finalizing the design of the UI, tho it is not relevant as the BP for this 2 options are my priority, for now.
    -- Following the terrain would be ideal tho, as most of the area where this options are needed are quite flat, not having it following the terrain "could be possible" --

    No need to send me your Reel or example of your work, please only contact me if you are certain you can get this done, with a "range" for the time frame and cost of completion.

    Feel free to ask questions on here if needed.

    Here is my E-Mail: (add in the subject: UE4_BP_JOB)