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Looking to Build Team for DarkerSkies

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    [UNPAID] Looking to Build Team for DarkerSkies

    Position: Animator, 3D Artist, Programmer, Game Designer

    Employment Type: Permanent

    Location: Remote

    Hey everyone,
    my name is Dominik and for the past few years I have been dwelling on a Game Project idea which I started twice but was too Limited by Time but don't have any kind of these Restraints now.
    This project has been Lingering for years and now that I am able to start it I'm looking to get a small Team together passionate in the Military Simulation type Games.

    Who am I (References):
    Youtube Tutoring Channel

    Besides these two sources, I helped ship WarzoneVR, shipped WelcomeToThePool hall in 2017 and worked on quite a few Projects I cant list due to still being under NDA for said Projects.

    About the Project:

    DarkerSkies(Indev Title)

    Darker Skies is a Military Simulation game focused on a core audience where the main Influence is Modded Arma2 Especially focused on Realism with ACE/Acre.
    Darker Skies wants to fill the market from a void of Military Simulation type games for a core Gamer Audience to bring a "Realistic" experience to the User.

    My main goal is to first get a Prototype up and running until that is done this will be an Unpaid Project afterward possibilities like Kickstarter and or Revenue share on Release are discussable for the people who want to stay around.


    General :
    - Git Experience
    - 5+h/w free to spend on the Project
    - Able to work with Stylesheets

    Programmer :
    - Experience with Blueprints(Mediocre)
    - Clean Code Conventions

    3D Artist:
    - Hardsurface Pipeline Experience
    - Experience working with Substance designer or similar Products


    Way to contact me is over Discord at Dollon#6083
    If you are interested but don't see the Role you are looking for to apply to send me a message over on discord.
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