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Hiring Multiplayer C++ Programmer - Fun large-scale shooter :)

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    [CONTRACT/PAID] Hiring Multiplayer C++ Programmer - Fun large-scale shooter :)

    Project Title: MORTARMEN
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    Our game pits two player teams (50 slots each) and one AI team versus each other across a 2km world filled with villages and outposts, each with a sector that starts off controlled with AI. The goal is to capture and link as many sectors as possible in order to accrue more sector points over the enemy player team to win the game.

    • Class based loadouts (w/ accessory selection)
    • Spawning on teammates from map
    • Portable mortar launcher for Mortarman class
    • Sector capture and point accumulation
    • Hill sliding, velocity based on slope
    • Ragdolls triggered by collision and velocity threshold

    Talent Required:

    C++ Programmer
    • Experience with multiplayer dedicated server networking is an absolute must
      • Ragdolls
      • Hitscan and projectile bullets
      • Animation
      • AI behavior
      • Optimized code for network and clients/server
    • Experience with gamemode scripting and UI
    • Some experience with SpatialOS would be greatly helpful


    Skype: xdementeix
    Discord: Dementei#3204
    PM me here if you'd like as well.

    Please send me your resume, portfolio, and/or any videos you'd like to show me.
    Regarding budget and payment, we use a task based payment system, with currently over $2,000 worth of tasks with potential for even more.
    I am open to any questions you may have of our project or payment system, looking forward to your responses! Thank you.

    Send mail


      We're currently (and quickly) full on applications at this current time, will update this thread if or when another programmer position is open.


        Hi Patron,

        I am interested in your requirement and will be glad to assist you

        Email sent through please check

        can we have a short discussion over Skype @ cis.am3 so that we can proceed further.