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    [ROYALTY] Looking for employees

    Title: Blue Haven

    Description: BlueHaven is a Open World First Person MMORPG/VRMMORPG set in the mythical land of Blue haven Players will have to fight there way into the enemy territory on there journey's they will come across a series of dungeons where they will have to battle giant boss monsters to get to the next area. Players will need to level up and collect or create better weapons only 2% of players will have the ability to learn magic and they will have to learn to control it before they can use it properly. As for the players that use physical weapons but don't have the ability to use magic there will be plenty of skills to unlock so that they are able to combat magic when versing another player in PVP. Towns and cities will be safe zones for players to rest and relax after a hard days grind.


    A tense atmosphere around the dungeons to signal to a player they are nearing it
    Unique Combat experience
    First Person as mentioned in Description
    VR Support Later on in Development

    Team Structure:

    Logan Pike:
    Team/Project Lead/Programmer 2nd Year

    3D Artist

    Previous Work

    Talent required:

    Concept Artist
    1st year Character Artist

    Must be in Australia

    Concept Artist 2
    1st year Environmental Artist

    Must be in Australia

    Programmer 1
    Must be Fluent in C++
    Must be in Australia

    Programmer 2
    Must be Fluent in C++
    Must be in australia

    Discord Server: