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Let's go someplace strange on the Oculus Quest

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    [ROYALTY] Let's go someplace strange on the Oculus Quest

    I want to make an otherworldly place on the Oculus Quest. Exploration, strange sights, bizarre characters. I've already done some stuff in VR, for the Rift and VIVE, but the Quest has me excited about VR development again. Low polygon graphics are always challenging. I love to see what can be done with minimalism. My smartphone UE4 projects always ran well. I am familiar with UE4 visual scripting, but not a *real* coder. I'm an artist with some technical knowledge. I'd like to find an artist and/or programmer to work with. I think alot can be squeezed out of the Quest's hardware, as "Red Matter" demonstrated.

    The aim is to make a sideloading project for release on SideQuest, and if all goes well, eventually the Oculus Marketplace.

    You can see some of my work here:

    I'm very productive and flexible. Throw some ideas at me, let's make a world together!