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    [ROYALTY] Initial team members wanted

    Collaborative / Competitive Shooter

    If you like movies like Pacific Rim / Stargate / Starship Troopers or games like Divinity / Anthem / Destiny, this is the game for you.

    The game has been through the design and specification phases for more than 4 years and is now ready for production.
    Estimated production cost is more than $2 million, which I do not have in my pocket.
    So I am looking for skilled and motivated talent who would like to be part of the team – and can participate on a profit share agreement based on hours contributed.

    You decide when and how much you want to contribute.
    If you stop working on the project for any reason, your contribution still counts in full.

    I have worked 30 years in Software development management, Consultancy and QA.
    Those will be my roles on the team also.

    The game has a dedicated site with all game design documents and tasks.

    Here is what the team need for the phase 1:

    Technical Architect
    Define the UE architecture, file structure, source control, and everything else needed for a large project with many assets and team members. Must have had a similar role before.

    Core game code. Modular, re-usable, clean code and blueprints are what we like. You should too.

    Technical Animators/Modelers
    Construct and animate 3D models: Robots, Spaceships, Weapons, Animals. Realism is key.
    There is no traditional animation pipeline in this project, only inverse kinematics and procedural animation. Prior experience with IK, Skeletal Mesh systems, etc. are needed.

    Universe Builders
    Procedural world generation, from complete star systems to local terrain and fauna.
    Open to using/extending/combining existing assets for this, but must be UE based.

    Interface Builders
    GUI, menus and HUD´s. Multi-platform. Windows initially. PS/Xbox/Mobile/Switch/VR later.
    This is one of the only parts of the game not designed in detail yet, so here is your chance to shine.

    Team members must have extensive experience in Unreal 4.
    Good written and spoken English is required.
    Experience from AAA production is a plus.
    Interest in enhancing and contributing to the current game design is a plus.

    Contact and let us talk.

    Could you link to this dedicated site? If you are offering to pay people on Royalties then the big question is will this game ever see the light of day? You say this has 4 years of design and specification!! Do you have stuff to show for it?

    You are asking for skilled people to apply for a position, your list of requirement aren't minor and you have 1 post on the forum.

    I feel in this instance (and a lot of other similar adverts) the burden is on you to sell yourself and the project. Have you work on a AAA production before? Have you ever raised the millions for a project? What's your name? Can we check you out?

    Also could you give us more information on the game? All we know is what it's like. What makes it unique? Why does it deserve to exist? Who would buy it? You have 4 years worth of design and specification these things should be very answerable.

    You are asking skilled people to apply to work with a slim chance of getting paid. You really need to offer more reassurance.
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