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    [CONTRACT/PAID] Unreal Programmer Wanted

    Our team was created with the sole purpose of making a game that delivers a unique experience. Players will be able to choose between two vastly different factions. Man or beast. Stalk plains, blaze through a blender of gnashing teeth and ferocious appetites, or pick up a weapon and join a team of your best mates and see how you fair against other players embodying nature's fury.

    However, no great accomplishment is ever achieved without hard-working, driven professionals. That's where you come in.

    You Are:

    Someone possessing a strong work ethic, organizational skill, technical knowledge and a great personality. We value experience and mastery of craft but ultimately strive to add a new member to our family. Be capable of contributing to and maintaining an upbeat environment and have excellent communication and problem solving skills. Your ability to seamlessly collaborate with those around you will strengthen us as a team and push our level of detail ever higher. We value your input. You will have the confidence and freedom to bring your ideas and input to the table as opportunities appear. Ensuring we have the best possible foundation for progress, cohesion and quality.

    You Have:
    • Extensive Knowledge of C++ and experience using Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4. (Variables, Functions, Methods, Delegates, Classes, Arrays, Stack, Heap, Pointers, Virtual / Pure Virtual etc)
    • Experience working on Multiplayer games. (Replication, Netcode, Remote Procedure Calls)
    • Familiarity with the Gameplay Abilities System
    • A stellar portfolio that demonstrates your work or a show of contributions to open source projects, or both.
    • Be able to debug complex problems in multiplayer environments using unreal engine profiling and debugging tools.
    • The ability to effortlessly work in a team environment, using Git with other programmers as well as adapting to existing project code style.

    At our core, we are gamers making games. We do not ask that you are the best but that you give your best. We are young, new, and imperfect, but we always push to reach the next level. We are an international team of 12 that has come together to make magic. We deliver results with a level of integrity and sincerity we don't feel is strived for enough. We take our jobs very seriously but also like to have fun with what we do. We are proud of our accomplishments and if you are the chosen one, we know you will be too.

    If interested please submit your resume to

    Hello Douglas, I have sent you email. Let's connect ~


      Hi Douglas,
      Are you still looking for programmers?


        hi there is adviable ?