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I came up with an idea but i have no-one to pull it off with

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    I came up with an idea but i have no-one to pull it off with

    So here is my story. I am c/c++/c# developer(currently working on android,ios and web) and messing with unreal engine, unity, cryengine to choose the best platform for me. I think that unreal engine is the best one because of how huge of a community it has and how helpful they are so i think that it is good for beginners at game development. I came up with a nice game idea which is both entertaining and i think that it would get a lot of attention. Unfortunately i am lonely miserable developer who has no friends but i am tired of sitting alone and just writing code. I want to do something worthy with my life so i will do my best to get in touch with people and deliver something great. I have a lot of time after my job so i think that i will start executing my idea but i want people like me who are willing to contribute to a part time project which has a potential of being really good game to help me. If you text me i will give you all the details about the game and i hope that you will like it. Just to give you a general description of the game, it is battleroyale game with 50 players in a single server with solo/squad mode as usual. The only difference is that this game will have different approach to battle royale genre and it will actually be really attractive to streamers/pros

    If you don't have any experience, then work on a different project that you can use to spend some time learning a skill. Recruiting people for a project when you yourself have no experience is not going to work.


      Hi ArieganGroin,

      Your programming and web dev experience will definitely come in handy developing multiplayer subsystems for your BattleRoyal. Picking up experience working Blueprints and all the tools in Unrealengine tool suite will be advantageous. Your programming skill will allow you to wield unimaginable powers with Unreal Audio/Visual Systems such as Materials, Particles, Character Animation.

      Like you, I'm a code-centric game dev. I primarily use Blueprints in UE4. The greatest challenge for me has been getting the Art assets I visualize in my head, into the game. Most requires custom Art and I have N0 Art Department! So, I'm leveraging my programming skills to collaboratively generate content in-game with Modular Construction and Procedural Generation Systems.

      I'm all about innovation. I'm developing First Person BattleRoyal with RPG elements. I'm placing emphasis on in-game customization of practically everything. I'm designing the framework to support other game types too for more flexibility and reuse for other game concepts. I personally think Battle Royals popularity will be declining soon, so innovating is a good thing to do.

      To compensate for the N0 Art Department, I purchased media assets from marketplaces. But sometimes i get flashbulbs, acquiring assets impulsively for ideas that don't fit the design or art style of the game I'm developing. The result is a bunch of mixed assets with no continuity between them. Assets, that I may or may not use.

      I tried to learn traditional 3D Modelling in Blender, but, truth is I don't enjoy it. I do enjoy KitBashing with pre-made mesh parts to get better results faster. I also enjoy pushing a button to procedurallly generate cool looking things. So even though I dont like 3D modeling, the experience gave more insight as to the direction I needed to go in with my programming.

      I'm going to be upfront with you. Most devs herein have their own ideas and are here to create their own game, so you will find it challenging to get Team members to sign up. Even if you find some to sign up, they may be very new and require massive amounts of time to learn, or simply get distracted and dont complete task you assign. Design disagreements occur too.

      I experience all the above myself. I realized that the project would eventually die if progress stagnated, thus I started people-proofing the game development, seeking means to eliminate the dependencies on others as I worked on the project with ambitious scope. Battle Royals are ambitious in scopes...Sometimes the project is too ambitious and requires redesign.

      I came too this decision after working on a game for nearly 1.5 years. It was a painful decision. But, to keep the project alive, to keep me alive as game developer, I had to redesign it. I consolidated and migrated all of previous work into a new design that makes sense to use all of work and mixed assets I acquired over the years. Its nothing like the game idea I came UE4 with. - The RIANTH (Action Horror FPS) - Join Our Discord