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    [CONTRACT/PAID] Looking for Specific Talent - Please Read

    Hey friends!

    This is a somewhat specific search, and admittedly I have been out of the loop on all the great talent from the Unreal community, so a post like this is really beneficial to me.

    Brief About Me:
    Created a company in 2010 and worked with dozens of amazing people on a game that shipped on Steam in 2016 (Jeklynn Heights). After the launch of that game, many developers from our core team went on to work at top notch companies like Riot Games, Epic Games, CD Projekt Red, etc. Without going into an entire backstory, the game unfortunately didn't take off - and ended up being a major learning experience for me that I would never replace. It was a true labor of love.

    This Post:
    After taking almost 3 years off, I am in the early stages of prototyping a new project. I am looking for a few specific things, so if you feel like you meet these qualifications, please PM me on these forums with your portfolio/videos/reels/tangibles.

    - Self represented talent (no asset companies). I've worked with MANY great content studios, but they won't be needed for this.
    - Worked on a project that was seen to completion.
    - Artists (2D/3D/Animators/UI): Strengths in Dark Fantasy/Victorian. Would love to see examples that showcase this style.
    - Programmers: Examples of previous projects. Videos that showcase a specific mechanic you created is super beneficial. No multiplayer/networking code experience needed.

    I have several contacts for audio/music/game design/voice acting, so please no submissions on that front.

    Any work done will be paid/contracted - no royalties or unpaid work. This is very important to me and the success of any project.

    I will be completely transparent and say this post is more of an open call for talent. Should this prototype move forward, I will be reaching out to select developers. This is not an active project that would start development in the coming weeks.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! Happy to chat more about me, Jeklynn Heights, or anything at all in PM. Thanks all


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    Hi. Just sent you a PM
    BP/C++ Programmer.
    WIP Portfolio:
    UE Marketplace:


      PM Sent. I look forward to your reply.


        Hi Ryan,

        I was interested in your post and wanted to know if you were still looking for programmers for your game.