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    Experimental Game-bashing with Marketplace Assets into a playable game 'The RIANTH', A Co-op Rogues-like Horror Action FPS. My prototyping testbed for subsystems and art style for GOD of DREAMS. We're not going for the typical one game experience, we're aiming for multiple experiences. Multiple Games in one, some short, some long. will produce several games within GOD of DREAMS multiverse in episodes. Each varied significantly in genre gameplay, lore, and artstyle. Some may cross share ‘tie-in’ content (Persons, Places, Things) to create an loosely-connected Mythos (using similar to JJAbrams Cloverfield Franchise).

    • GOD of DREAMS: The R I A N T H – Co-op Rogues-like Horror Action FPS inspired by many games. Features Core FPS Gameplay, Monster Destruction/Gore, Strange Enemies, Sci-fi Weapons.
    • GOD of DREAMS: The Headless Dreamer – Cyberpunk Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror (CthulhuPunk) Detective Story – Features Multi-Singleplayer ( Single Player Game world in which other Players can enter on-demand their game sessions and play as NPCs [friend or foe]); 3 Player Copilot in which Three players control a single protagonist, Story Character Customization. Photo-Memory Mechanic. Concepts of Fractal Cosmology.
    • GOD of DREAMS: Cray Cray Crash Dummy Super Ninja (aka Tengu) – ‘Bright’ Cyber Punk Action Adventure Platformer with Acrobatic Action Like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2017 – features Single Player, FTP, Vertical Level Design, Slicing Mechanics for Enemies, Manual & Auto Target Lock for Dual Weapon Targeting [Gunkata], Procedural Rail System for Run & Gun Sequences; Rag-doll Driven Acrobatics, Stylized Acrobatics {Parkour, Wall Running}. Ninja Tropes: Shuriken (Boomerang), Ninja ‘Tech’ Magic, Ninja Stealth (Color Match).
    • GOD of DREAMS: Lore of Yamaia – Anime Styled Sci Fantasy Action RPG in which miniaturized Characters exists in a Giant Modernized World. Features Stylize Characters/Creatures, Architectural Visualization.
    • GOD of DREAMS: 0 T I C A, Metallic Gods of Love and Hate – Fantasy Mecha Combat. Features High Density Modularity, Attach as many weapons you want any where wire up a control. Battle in fantastical destructive environments.
    If you're interested in getting in on this development join the our discord.
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