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    WordPress Online Subsystem API for HTTP (WooSaH)

    Provides API for Online Subsystem Services in which UE4 Game Server/Clients communicate your directly with your WordPress-powered Website.

    Online Subsystem Services:
    1. User Authentication
    2. Presence
    3. Server Presence & Matchmaking
    4. Friends Lists
    5. Tournaments: Tiered Leaderboards
    6. Achievements
    7. Store (via WordPress WoocommerceeStore Plugin.) & Purchase (In-Game and Online.)
    8. Licenses

    WooSaH is being designed with the highest priorities on Security, Performance, Flexibility, and Developer-friendliness, respectively. All operations dealing with sensitive data and anti-cheat mechanisms are handled securely on WooSaH Contests Servers. WooSaH is flexible enough to work along side other Online APIs on the Client-side and provides an interface to popular Web-based API’s for Steam, Facebook, Google Play, GameJolt, others, thorough on the back-end.
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    Transformorph Multiplayer Skeletal Mesh Customization | Website | Discord | YouTube | Google


      Developing a custom Content Streaming Solution to support High Performance Game World Simulation Interaction. Game World Simulation Interaction is intercommunication between World Servers to synchronize actions, clone | merge audio/visual content, game mechanics, players, etc.

      The Custom Content Streaming solution is comprised of two systems: Multi-user Quest Building System and Occlusion-LOD Manager.
      1. The Quest System is built atop of the Multi-user Construction System, which is a Glorious 3D Placement & Attachment Tool that spawns-orientates-attaches-destroys 3D Objects. We use 3D Objects to represent Interactive Actor Classes {parameter meta-data}.

        The Representation is coupled to the Parameters using simple 'name' to object reference. This allows all the operations of Construction System to be applied to the Actor’s Representation. Additional In-game GUI Forms are used to modify Actor’s Parameters, displaying WYSIWYG results in real-time.

        The Construction System spawn-manipulate-destroy all 3D Environment and Entities in the Map at run-time. So the world initially starts empty,

        All Object Data is saved/loaded in JSON format for local/remote transfer-storage-manipulation. This is vital to achieving Game World Simulation Interaction.
      2. The Occlusion-LOD Manager procedurally controls the visibility, tick update, and network updates with consideration to players viewing distance and performance at runtime (based on rendering & processing budgets). It works with UnrealEngine's Occlusion optimization, precomputed visibility volumes, and LOD methods if used.

        But its primary purpose is to provide event-driven occlusion similar to level streaming, Object Pool management (think infinite runner levels), Placeholder Management, and occlusion-LOD management of modular parts attached to entities. is now part of


        Transportal WIP. The Transportal is a Trigger Actor that activates a servertravel to transfer Players to other Dreamworld Servers. In this demo, we transfer from Test Map #1 to a Map #2.
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          The Network Design of God of Dreams FTPS RPG Sandbox MMO. For months I've been developing BAD*MORFO Multi-user 3D Hyperbasher a Real-time, Multi-user - Level Building, Character Customization, Weapon & Vehicle Assembly System. I will be integrating BAD*MORFO at the core of the G.o.D, working towards achieving functional:
          1. Game World Simulation Interaction (that is, to communicate data, and to synchronize actions), allowing different Game World simulations to merge content, game mechanics, players, etc.
          2. Multiple Client Types Support (Multiple Genre Clients on a Single Game World Server)
          How BAD*MORFO will accomplish World Merging is with multi-user modular assembly using a custom HTTP JSON API to send construction/destruction between HTTP Servers (DreamRealm) and Game World Servers (DreamWorlds). The DreamRealm will serve as intermediate process and proxy server between UE4 Servers facilitating the communication between DreamWorld Servers.

          Modular design allows any UE4 MMO Server that incorporates BAD*MORFO at core can use HTTP API to re-construct assembly of the world's content if instantiated with the API.

          Multiple Client Types will achieved by allowing the user to customize and select what ruleset of input/output and customize their GUI. The "Dreamworld" Server that contain the ruleset and content to be played. (It will interconnect Dreamworlds through Transportals dependent on server poplulation. This is concept is not new, but treated and presented as a Multiiverse.)

          On-demand selection of various First Person/Third Person camera perspectives is a step in the correct direction. Many game genres are defined by their primary perspective, but what if there is no automatic limitation. By giving the player the ability to create their own filter (aka limitation) Multiple Client Types/ One World are achievable. There are different types of First Person as there are Third Person. In the middle there are Second Person Perspectives.
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            Geez, I didn't understand a thing, but it seems complex XD too much for my artist mind


              Hello Amelia_P

              Those diagrams are works of Art. LOL.
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                Hard Assets are 'core' assets provided for use in Dreamworld construction and interaction. Every aspect of GODofDREAMS is developed from Marketplace Assets such as the Lobby System, FPS Combat System, HTTP Communications which have been heavily modified, thus may or may not be accessible for purchase on-demand in-game.
                Hard Asset Name Category Purpose
                VoxelPlugin Environmental Realtime Deformable & Destructible Landscapes
                Dungeon Archtect Environemental Procedural Architecture
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                  Originally posted by TechLord View Post
                  Hello Amelia_P

                  Those diagrams are works of Art. LOL.
                  indeed they are^^



                    Some more Art...
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                      It's super cool and fancy I saw this video on Screenshot Saturday and liked it in there.



                        Ooops, Forgot I posted it there. I reckoned I need to make a new Artwork. Hows your a 'Kane & Lynch meets Hotline Miami' Arena TPS coming along? You still deving solo?
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                          I reckoned I need to make a new Artwork.
                          I like the way it is, but I like clean art style, so don't take my words as the best art suggestion^^

                          Hows your a 'Kane & Lynch meets Hotline Miami' Arena TPS coming along?
                          Pretty slowly because my job as artist (means 12 to 16-work hour shift a day). Fortunately, I gave up on my stubborn way to develop a game and went to design smaller and quick levels. The code is simple and it's almost ready. My problem is still content (graphics) and optimization. Ah, optimization... I discovered I have to retopo ALL my characters, get rid of dynamic lights, etc. I redesigned my levels to support smaller areas. A lot of tough game design decisions.

                          You still deving solo?
                          Unfortunately, I have to. I can't build a team based on royalty-split because I've already sold my IP rights to two companies (for other media). And I have no money right now to hire or outsource expensive things like art or programming. The little money I spare is going to voice acting, sound and some marketplace stuff to speed up the things. I have to finish the demo and sell the investors on it. It's been rough...


                            I private messaged TechLord. I am a 3d and 2D artist, and have time i can clear to produce characters.


                              Working on Player Control Mechanics. Flight.

                              "Angel of Death"
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                                Acquiring skills during the gameplay, like flying, is fun. Cool mechanic! (Your record video program is slowing down your videos? I'm using Shadowplay GeForce experience and it's smooth, having 0% of dropping my FPS rate. Many devs said it's terrible, but it works fine for me).