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Sci-Fi Third Person Shooter Seeks Additional Talent!

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    [ROYALTY] Sci-Fi Third Person Shooter Seeks Additional Talent!

    Project Starblade

    Is a Science Fiction 3rd Person Shooter / Adventure game set in a distant galaxy. It is a singleplayer, story driven, game that includes unique gameplay elements.

    Team Structure

    Russell Morahan (DyotoOrion): Project Lead. 3D Artist. Level Designer. Game Designer.
    I'm a freelance 3D Artist and have been working with Unreal for 5+ years. I have worked on multiple Indie titles and am now setting my sights on making my own original game. You can see my 3D Work here:

    Alex Kalavitis - Gameplay Programmer

    Kheng Hoek Teoh - Gameplay Programmer

    William Brewer - Gameplay Programmer

    Dwayne Clarke - Sound Designer / Musician

    Anthony Le Selva -- Concept Artist

    Talent Required

    Now that the project has Programmers to implement the core gameplay, we are opening the team up to welcome new talent. We are looking for skilled and motivated Unreal Developers, and Artists who would like to be part of the creation of an awesome and fun Sci Fi adventure game!

    The current open positions are as follows:

    3D Artists ( Character / Creature / Environment / Generalist )

    - 1+ Years experience creating 3D Models for video games.
    - High level of expertise and experience with your chosen 3D Software - Blender / Maya / 3DSMax / Zbrush / Modo etc etc.
    - Able to create excellent quality High Poly 3D Models, and well optimised Low Poly 3D Models with good topology.
    - Experience with Map / Texture generation - Normal Map Baking.
    - Good level of expertise with a 3D Texturing Software such as: Substance Painter / Quixel Suite / Mari / 3D Coat
    - Good level of expertise with an 2D Image Editor: Photoshop, Gimp, or equivalent.
    - A strong interest in Science Fiction Art and Hard Surface Modelling.
    - Unreal Engine experience is desirable, but not 100% essential.
    - A solid portfolio of excellent 3D Work.

    Concept Artists ( Character / Creature / Environment / Props )

    - 1+ Years experience as a Concept Artist creating concept art or illustration for modern media: Games, films, comics etc.
    - High level of skill in 2D drawing and rendering - understanding of form, perspective and color.
    - Good level of expertise with an 2D Image Editor: Photoshop, Gimp, or equivalent.
    - Passion, originality and creativity in your chosen field(s): Characters / Creatures / Environments / Props.
    - A strong interest in Science Fiction and Science Fiction Art.
    - A solid portfolio of Concept or Illustration work.

    Technical Animator

    - 1+ Years experience with Unreal Engine.
    - Experience with Animation Programming in Unreal Engine. (Anim Blueprints, State Machines etc.)
    - High level of Comprehension of Skeletal Mesh systems in Unreal Engine (Persona, Animation Montages, PHAT).
    - Fluent English speaker with a Microphone for voice communications.

    Visual Effects Artist

    - 1+ Years experience with Unreal Engine.
    - High level of expertise using Cascade and / or Niagara in Unreal.
    - Good level of expertise with an 2D Image Editor: Photoshop, Gimp, or equivalent.
    - Highly creative, and imaginative with a vision for creating unique and exciting Special Effects.
    - A working knowledge of Science Fiction imagery and iconography.

    If you are a talented and dedicated aspiring game Development Professional, looking to expand your experience while working on an awesome and exciting Science Fiction game, feel free to get in touch about the possibility of working together on Project: Starblade.

    This is a Royalty project, which means currently all team mates / employees are working on a voluntary basis. When the game makes money from sales or funding, all contributors will be paid fairly for their work.


    When applying please state the specific position you are applying for and include links to your Portfolio, Work Examples, or Resume.

    The best way to get in touch is to reach out to me on Discord for a friendly / informal chat.

    Discord: DyotoOrion#1090

    Or email me at:

    To arrange a time for a chat.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Dyoto Orion.
    Last edited by DyotoOrion; 09-12-2019, 02:03 PM. Reason: Updated team and available positions.

    I worked with DyotoOrion on a few projects. He's a very good leader who knows what he's doing unlike a lot of other indie projects' management out there. He is a very skilled 3D artist, UI Artist and Story writer, and is very good at doing Art Direction.

    If you got the required skills I can only recommend getting in touch with him asap and take this opportunity with both hands!

    I have seen lots of progress on his game Starblade, and it looks like AAA game!


      Aww - Thanks Stefan That's super kind of you bro!

      Was really great fun, and rewarding working with you also. Hope we get to work together again sometime in the future!


        I'd like to apply for the programming position. Will send a discord friend request, name starts with K.


          Sent that as well as an email with relevant info.


            New Positions have opened up.


              Still seeking additional talent.


                Had me going there with that last bit for the programming.

                I'm very well-versed in blueprinting (3 or 4 years now) and have experience with Git, along with experience programming two different types of AIs during past projects. If you're still looking for people for this position, I'm definitely interested


                  Hi Halenriser Thanks very much for your message! We are still potentially looking for an A.I. Programmer.

                  Add me on Discord, and we can chat about the possibility of working together. Thanks!


                    We're hard at work on the game. Still looking for more talented Devs! Cheers!


                      Hi, are you looking for a 3D Artist?


                        Hey BillythePro10 -- thanks for your message. I'm guessing you've added me on Discord - thx!


                          Still potentially looking for talented game developers with a passion for Sci Fi!


                            Primarily seeking 3D Artists now.