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Gameplay Programmer needed for - Fall of Civilization (Steam Early Access)

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    [CONTRACT/PAID] Gameplay Programmer needed for - Fall of Civilization (Steam Early Access)

    Project Title:
    Fall of Civilization
    (A turn based strategy game using the ATBTT toolkit)

    After a nuclear war caused mass extinction, the remnants of humanity are left to regrow and fight over resources. Try to survive in this turn-based, strategy game set in a range of locations set in a post apocalyptic world

    Looking to have some programming assistance to create some features to speed up development for the project to be released fully onto Steam.

    Talent Required:
    Blueprint Gameplay Programmer (1)
    • Experience working with Unreal Engine
    • Strong understanding of Blueprints
    • Speaks English
    • Good Communication skills
    Previous experience with the ATBTT toolkit is a big plus as that is the framework you will be making these systems in, I must be able to understand them and adjust these systems if needed.

    Desired Features
    • Implementing AI to react intelligently to players and pick-ups
    • Quest system for units (e.g. send unit from tile 12 to 34 or unit has to defeat a specified unit)
    • A save/load system
    Further details can be provided upon request.

    Fall of Civilization (Steam Early Access)

    Please email me with your resume and portfolio.


    Position is currently closed and i will make another post on here if it reopens or if a new job opens up.