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    [PAID] C++/Blueprint Developer


    I'm currently working on a Stealth action/Adventure game(similar in vain to the new Tomb raider/Uncharted games) as a side/passion project, with the hopes of turning it into something more upon completion of this demo.

    A bit about me, I've been working in the games industry for over 10+ years, started when i was 19, over the past decade i have worked for Companies like EA, Disney, Telltale games and i'm currently at Bethesda Games working as a Senior Character artist. I have a passion for games and understanding how they tick, and always trying to improve not only my artistic skills but also games in general. Therefore i would love to find someone that shares that same passion.

    What i'm looking for.
    • Experience developing C++ plugins in UE4
    • Understanding of UE4 engine code architecture and tech stack
    • Experience with AnimBps (very important)
    • knowledge of Gameplay mechanics
    • Comfortable tackling unsolved problems
    • Passion for Unreal Engine and new technology
    • Experience with AI, UI
    • Plays games (specifically third person games) and able to break them down.
    • Strong collaboration skills and a desire to improve
    Hit me up and i'll send you a demo of what i have so far, only apply if you have really good knowledge and your skills fit with what i have described.

    Add me on Discord so we can discuss further

    I look forward to speaking with you!

    Good evening!

    I shall drop you a note on Discord

    best regards

    Kosala / WRKS Games


      Hello! I would really like to work on a game like yours, because this genre is my favourite! I have experience with Blueprints, but animationBps are my weak points and I have only basic AI knowledge. Other than that, I have met the requirements for everything you described. One other thing is that I can't really do C++ yet for games. I have done some applications using C++, but not games yet. I'm loving your idea and am so excited, so message me on Discord if you think I could still join your project, at least as a gameplay and UI programmer, my name is GreenMage#8709.


        Hello, I sent you a friend request on discord, miksagolden#2824 I am very interested in your project, and would love to see the demo to begin with. I do fill all the requirements if you are still looking for someone, I'd be interested to join your team. Just shoot me a message on DIscord or my email me at