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Vampire game needs an animator.

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    Vampire game needs an animator.

    Looking for an animator to help finalizing the game. Coding, levels and place holder animations are in place with a working internal alpha which can be played in steam. Currently most of our third person models animation are done with mixamo (something we want to steer away from) and we would like to revamp and add more animations.
    Currently we are re-rigging all the models to use one base model rig so animations can be shared. We are also re-modeling all our player tps player models so that they can be improved visually and done by one artist.

    An animator is the only thing this project needs to complete and improve a decent beta. If you are interested feel free to join our discord ( ) and message
    crazysketch85 or eric. You can also email

    About the game with video update:

    Preferably this will be an unpaid project and would prefer royalties, but we know animations can be a time consuming task therefore if affordable feel free to send us quotes and perhaps we can negotiate something out.

    Thanks for the read!