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Vendetta 1943 - World War II - first person game.

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    [ROYALTY] Vendetta 1943 - World War II - first person game.

    Lancaster-Devs / Vendetta 1943
    Powered by Unreal Engine 4

    An upcoming open world first person shooter game, operation Overlord, the most authentic war in the battle of Normandy.

    Vendetta 1943 is a realistic cooperative MMO set in World War II, players will be immersed in authentic cooperative battles with a great diversity of detailed maps based on real locations, faithful and precise gameplay in the use of realistic arsenal of allieds and the axis forces .

    our goal is to bring the best war action, adrenaline and uncertainty complemented by special effects in operations carried out on beaches such as Utah/Omaha, and towns such as, Sainte-Mère-Église, Sainte-Marie-du-Mont and Carentan, also operations planned in towns Nearby, like Le-Grand-Chemin towards the battery of the 105 mm howitzers located close in the Brecourt-Manor farm, the players can fight battles in towns, farms, mountains and roads of the map, recreate missions or fight battles in specific locations fixed by the server.

    This finely detailed historical context is also combined with an incredible precision of physics, ballistics, cinematics and other elements that will give the player a cinematic experience in action.

    It will have precise controls, a fast, comfortable and detailed user interface and the ability to play in different modes.

    we are a team with a lot of passion for what we're doing, we started to share our progress on social networks with the goal of having a community that supports and help us to give the blow for a success crowdfunding campaign. here the links of social Networks.

    Hey Guys, thanks a lot for your valuable time, this is also [ROYALTY] project, currently we're looking for a programmer, You are welcome to collaborate with this project the way you want to help, Contact me on discord if you are interested!


    Thanks devs, here some links to show you who I am for your confidence and you can check what kind of works I been doing the last years, Thanks again, see ya next time!

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