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Looking for blueprints programmer 2d side scroller game

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    [PAID] Looking for blueprints programmer 2d side scroller game

    i'm having issues with my game since im a noobie with unreal engine. i need someone who can code an enemy ai (or several) but it wont cost me an am and a leg. if you want to code how they affect the 2d side scroller character as well that would be extremely helpful and paid for. right now all i've done is use tutorials and it looks messy and semi functional, this is the portion that is causing me the most issues. currently i'm using 4.20 but i can update my ending, it's not a bother as long as the freaking code works in the end.

    *** Unreal Engine 4.2XX
    *** No Graphics needed (using free assets as place holders)
    *** Cost efficient (will not be paying high dollars for this)
    *** Mobile platform (not sure if this makes a difference in the coding or not)

    - enemies who spawn similarly to tap souls
    - character chooses a level and enemies spawn
    - enemies do not move
    - enemies will auto swing after delay and cause damage
    - health bar for enemy and player will deplete per hit
    - character will have armor and weapons for stats
    - enemies will have resistances and armor as well
    - enemy health must be able to have an hp widget attached to it later
    - enemy blueprint must be an actor
    - enemy blueprint must be able to be duplicated for other types of enemies
    - enemies will be melee and ranged (1 of each would be great, will pay for them both)
    - need to be able to drop loot and have gold associated with them somewhere
    - exp associated with enemy
    - no graphics needed, everything i have atm is free placeholder assets
    - variables
    - health
    - defense
    - resistances
    - gold/loot drops
    - exp
    - flipbooks
    - death
    - damage animation / hit animation
    - attack animations

    please let me know if you can do this, how long it will take (honestly it shouldnt take too long, i just cant wrap my head around it to make it work), and how much we are talking it will cost.

    thank you!!
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    yes it's a long list, i'm sorry in advance


      sent you a pm