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Making a team for a Vr rpg multiplayer openworld game! (need a htc vive or a oculus rift)

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    [ROYALTY] Making a team for a Vr rpg multiplayer openworld game! (need a htc vive or a oculus rift)

    Project Title:
    Buried Pandemonium VR(Temp)


    Game idea: player is in a medieval fantasy world where these caves keep appearing filled many creatures never seen before. The player is part of an organisation put together by multiple nations in the hope to find the cause of these appearances. The player is tasked with research and pillaging of these caves to find answers to how and why they are there. However this research will not go as smooth as anticipated and the research teams of these nations found many riches and rare materials and technologies in there excursions. On top of these treasures they found they also found out that the deeper they went the more hostile the monsters and environment became. These extreme riches and dangerous creatures lead to the organization to turn into a massive private army of researches and adventures to find what was deeper within.
    matchmaking pvp 1v1's, 2v2's, 4v4's and siege game modes based off your gear score
    multiplayer defeat dungeons with your friends(up to 10 people for big raids)
    many spells and weapons

    Team Structure:
    Vitaliy S. Project creator and programmer.

    Previous Work:
    I made a game called Combo Jumper on steam and it was pretty simple and it was more just to see how steam worked.

    Talent Required:

    3D artist(1)
    Don't need to be that experienced but need to at least know what your doing.
    Also be willing to learn and expand!
    Need a VR headset either a htc vive or a oculus rift
    Near EST time zone

    Discord: Veathen#1481
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