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Looking for animators for my GTA-Esque game

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    [PAID] Looking for animators for my GTA-Esque game

    Hi all!

    I'm looking for some animators for a GTA-esque game I'm working on with some friends. If you're down for the job, the animations would be, as the title implies, fitting for a GTA game so stuff like yanking people out of cars, running with guns, etc. but not that fluid, since it's designed to be a throwback to the oldschool PS2 era GTA games, so they don't need to be all that good. I'll pay, but I'm not looking for anything over 1k, but then again like I said before they don't have to be all that good.

    Drop me a line here or hit me up on discord at universetwisters#8714 and we can get the ball rolling!

    Bless and have a good one,

    hello, I sended you invitation on Discord