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Animator, Programmer, open world design, network....

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    [CONTRACT/ROYALTY] Animator, Programmer, open world design, network....

    Looking to assemble a small team to build Sand Storm, A third person shooter survival game. What makes Sand Storm different from other survival games? simply put, attention to detail with a twist. Spies, Factions, back stabbing, deceit, and the lust for power..

    needed skill list includes but not limited to:
    Animation (character and weapons)
    blueprint programmer.. Inventory, stats, and other asset creation.
    Open world level design coordinator: team lead.
    Open world designers
    Network coordinator/consultant..
    3d modeler/character coordinator.

    Royalty payment terms will be discussed and agreed apon after a non disclosure agreement has been signed.
    target launch for beta, April 19th 2019 on pc and XBOX One. test environments are already set up and awaiting the console version testing..

    Production Manager will be ME. planned outlines and game design docs can be provided for truly interested parties.

    Other projects are maked for start in early to mid 2019.. so steady work is here for the right players.
    perforce or GitHub will be the source control .,.. is the discord we just started

    Just an update..
    day/night cycles are done... with some minor tweeking that may need to be done..
    Weather and tempatures are next on my list of features..
    inventory is 70% done adding, using, and dropping items are just about done.
    base weapons classes are done, still adding a few details to the structs and enums that run them
    Ai animals will be getting a complete overhaul based on base classes and then child classes .. this will allow us to run farming operations to raise them for food and fur for clothing.

    base gun classes are almost finished,, Child classes will be data only on most of them.. I've been testing my hunting skills out on rabbits using a hand held rocket launcher.. with great hunting trips lol

    on a deeper note, a better animator would make life so much easier. but we are making due with what he have on hand,

    unless we hit major problems moving forward, it looks like we will he ahead of our deadline for releasing an alfa demo April 19th this year..