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[PAID] [iOS, Programmer] Help us make a playable build!

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    [PAID] [iOS, Programmer] Help us make a playable build!


    We need help from a programmer that has built for iOS on ue4 before. We are delivering a small prototype to a client and we are totally botching it up. There's some crashes, and the lighting is not great. We need a saviour to rain down some fixes on us!

    Project is a 3d game with a flying mechanic. There's really not much too it. It has some low-poly world scenery and fancy lighting, and some intro sequence code but thats about it.
    Our budget for your help is 50-100$, with the slight chance our client might help out further if they like your services. Hopefully it is pretty standard stuff and it should be a fairly quick buck for you!

    Please email me at for quickest reply.
    Thank you,
    Simon Ulander