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Weapon Keyframe Animator | WANTED - Wild West Game

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    [CONTRACT/PAID] Weapon Keyframe Animator | WANTED - Wild West Game

    Wanted Logo

    I'm the project lead for WANTED, the Wild West Battle Royale game where you hunt the Wanted player until there's only one left standing at high noon.

    About the Project

    I saved for a couple of years to self fund the production of a game prototype to bring to Kickstarter. We are now four months into development and things are going great. We have created weapons, characters, clothing, and the essential backend server setup.

    I'm looking for someone with weapon keyframe animation experience and the time to contribute to bring life to our weapons. Rigging knowledge, experience with UE4, and mocap setups are definite pluses but not required.

    The Animator will:
    1. Create keyframed weapon animations for one or more of the weapons listed here to showcase the quality we can achieve for all weapons with funding.
    2. Work with the code lead to integrate animations into the prototype in C++. Blueprint or scripting experience is not necessary.
    3. Quality check all purchased animations, including locomotion sets and make adjustments if needed.


    We're using Discord for project management and community outreach in one. This is the ideal way to contact me. You can message me any time at MeowMiau#4811.

    Game Discord:

    You can also contact me at

    I'm not active on the UE4 forums so I may not see messages here.

    Nice logo MiauRawr. Reaching out via discord and excited to hear more about your project. Cheers!
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