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Nova Eclipse blueprints/c++ programmers

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    [ROYALTY] Nova Eclipse blueprints/c++ programmers

    Team Name:
    Nova Eclipse (Not a registered company yet)

    Team Structure:

    -Guy Brodsky (Pied Crow)

    - Game designer/Game director/Co-Founder

    -Moran Viseman (Zenzex)

    - Level designer/Co-Founder

    -Igal (FatherGuzman)

    -Character designer/ Balance designer

    -Mika (Panda)

    -Concept artist

    -Kevin (BlindSide)

    -3D modeler, animator

    Previous Work:
    N/A - first title.

    Talent Required:
    Blueprint programmer
    • Ability to create basic game functions, units stats abilities, and other systems for the game

    c++ programmer
    • Ability to create basic game functions, units stats abilities, and other systems for the game

    About the project:

    We are looking on creating our first game, a competitive MOBA/RTS hybrid PVP game.
    The project is just about ready to get off the "thinking" stage, as concept art is being made and converted into 3d models.
    We are trying to capture what's great about RTS and give it what it's missing (which in our opinion is team play) While bringing something fresh into the inflated market of MOBA games

    What sets us apart from other new teams is our realistic view, we are fully aware of the struggles and we keep our scope as narrow as we can. Right now we are only focusing on building a minimum viable product, we are not trying to create the next league of legends or the next sc2. For now, we want to create a basic game with the core gameplay design and ideas we have. Once we have a minimum viable product ready to showcase, our goal is to try and pitch the game to publishers and investors. While getting the funding will speed up the process and make things easier for us, not getting funding will not destroy us either. We will simply continue our slow and steady approach.

    E-mail: Note what position you are applying to as well as if you have any experience, not having experience is perfectly fine most of our times are new to this field as long as you are able to do what is required (or able to learn it as you go) you are more than welcome. We are putting more importance on your dedication your love to creating the game is a bigger plus than it is if you have 20 years of experience but hate doing it
    Discord: Zenzex#3385, Pied Crow #0648