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    Neat! I'll check it out!



      Planning out Kaiju Kitbash with greater Eldritch Horror Influence.. I'm thinking Fractals of Flesh. I desire the Monster to be destructible. To achieve these goals, the idea is to assemble the body from modular static mesh parts attached to the skeleton of skeletal meshes in a fashion that supports some form of multi-layered destruction. Static Meshes can be removed, or converted to proc mesh fragments for slicing, destructible meshes. I'm also considering Voxel Objects and Point Clouds. Destruction to achieve destruction.

      1. Creepy Organics will be used to paint the body of the monsters with spine tingling flesh materials.
      2. Unified Proc Legs, will be used to drive creepy multi-ped animation.
      3. Transformorph will be used to alter Body & Unified Proc Leg Skeletal Mesh bone shape.
      4. SM Fractals will be used to add complex body structure with fractal arranged meshes.
      5. Eye Tracking will be used to add multiple Monstrous Eyeballs that Can Track Targets.
      6. Skull Bones Meshes will be used with other meshes to comprise the visible body parts for unique aesthetic. is now part of