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    [PAID] UE4 Character Rig and Retarget

    Aloha, I hope this finds you in wonderful spirits!

    We are a newly formed business with a small team that has been together for over 2 years (many of us have known each other longer).

    We're looking for someone that knows how to rig characters specifically for Unreal Engine (UE4) and retarget things properly to work with other animations built using their skeleton hierarchy.

    We need someone that knows how to do this using blender as we have other characters to rig.

    Our plan is to extrude a couple wing bones and tail bones from the skeleton which should not interfere with the animations if done properly.
    We have a couple characters and we could rig and rename the bones ourselves and diddle with things but, we'd rather just find someone to help us get things right without the hassle.

    Pay is minimal but, the work load is small. Profit share is also an option for those who stay with the team.

    Find us on Discord:
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