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Looking for 3D Artist (UE4 Project)

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    [ROYALTY] Looking for 3D Artist (UE4 Project)

    Hello! Currently i'm working on a project in Unreal Engine 4 (It's 2 Player COOP Puzzle Game) with 5 very talented people's. Project is in early phase,but we have basics finished (From programming side) and we are working on "major" stuff now. We have few 3D Assets ready (including textures and surfaces) to be inputted to UE4. As well Multiplayer is still experimental and we are looking to achieve great balance with it.

    In our team we have Programmer's,3D and 2D Artist's and Network Expert's. Project we are working on requires a LOT of 3D Assets! Currently we have two 3D Artists which is not that good for project on this scale. We could always use help from more talented people's and that is what we are looking for.
    • We need 3D Artist that is familiar with Unreal Engine 4 (Have worked with it before).
    • Know how to work with Blender Or/And Zbrush (advanced knowledge of these two)
    • Person that is cooperative with others and likes to work in a team
    • Is creative and is showing interest in project he is working on

    We are small team that are trying to bring an IDEA to life,and we are on good way. If you are interested joining our team and working on this project please contact me via email >