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Project Title:
Not determined yet

The Game is a Cooperative Third Person Shooter that takes place in Futuristic Multicultural Worlds. Development begun May of 2017. Most of the basic and advanced Mechanics have been finished, we are laying down the foundations of the Gameplay features, AI is under construction, musical themes are being composed and much much more...

  • Roguelike and Cooperative-oriented Gameplay
  • Role-playing Elements
  • Survival Mechanics
  • Base-Building
  • more...

Team Name:
Not applicable yet

Not applicable yet

Team Structure:
George Xenitidis - Games Design, Programmer, 3D Artist
Constantine Xenitidis - Programmer, 3D Artist
Angelos Koukou - Project Manager, Writer, Audio Engineer, Music Composer
Angelo Tsiflas - 3D Artist
John Theofanous - Programmer

Previous Work:
This is our first PC Game as a team, however some of us have a little prior industry experience.

As a team or individuals we also:
  • Created VR Demonstrations and Applications for Pharmaceutical Companies in UE4
  • Released a Mobile Game on GooglePlay

Talent Required:

Concept Artist

Currently, we are seeking for a Concept Artist who can become part of our core team, share his own perspective and invaluable interpretation, and help us craft the world of our project.

That person needs to be:
  • Able to work efficiently within a team
  • Communicate effectively in English
  • Create game concept art (characters, environments etc) in line with the artistic vision of the project
  • Deep understanding of color, composition, lighting, anatomy, shapes etc

If you are really interested and/or have further questions you can contact us via e-mail or discord to discuss more details.