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UE4 Artist Needed for Jetball (Jetpack Soccer Game on Steam)

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    [ROYALTY] UE4 Artist Needed for Jetball (Jetpack Soccer Game on Steam)

    Project Title:


    Jetball is jetpack Soccer. Heavily inspired by Tribes and Rocket League. Play online and score goals against your opponent. Jetball has a soft launch on Steam for Early Access Alpha particpants. No press or promotions have started for Jetball as it is not ready for prime time graphically speaking.

    • Jetpacks
    • Online Multiplayer
    • First Person (or third person toggle)
    • Player Stats/Leaderboard
    • Dedicated Servers

    Team Name:
    Codevictus Inc.

    Team Structure:
    Paul Catroppa (Project Creator)
    Project Manager, Programming, Game Design, Database and Very Bad Artist - 3rd year.

    Previous Work:
    First game title. But worked on game mods previously for Tribes, Tribes 2 (Team Rabbit 2) and Tribes Vengeance. Plus 20 years of business application development.

    Talent Required:
    Unreal Engine Game Artist(s)
    • Must be proficient with UE4.
    • Environments.
    • Particle Effects.
    • Materials.
    • Textures.
    • 3D Models.

    It is time to take Jetball to the next level. I am not an artist and it shows! I am however great with C++ and all things technical with the game. Jetball already plays great and is in a stable state. If you can overhaul the graphics then there is a place for you on the Jetball team. I believe in keeping the team as small as possible. Revenue will be shared based on skill/contribution.

    Jetball Official Home
    Codevictus Inc
    Jetball On Steam - the trailer is old and needs an immediate update.
    Jetball IndieDB

    Verfied Discord
    (My handle is Buca)
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