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Tutorial on proper FPS control mechanics

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    [PAID] Tutorial on proper FPS control mechanics

    I've been doing some FPS tutorials and none of them seem to touch on the following things that I really am trying to learn but having a very hard time.

    There are a few implementations I've seen but they are not perfect, and that's why I'm asking for something here. I'm looking for something that is near perfect.

    Proper aiming down sights
    - Aiming down sights should lock over the weapon sights
    - Walking side to side (strafing) should slightly rotate the weapon Z axis (like bf1)
    - When zooming over the weapon, the camera needs only to move forward, not off to the right where the weapon is, I'm not sure how this works, it must mean the weapon itself is moved to the camera.
    - easing a camera transition between first person view and aiming down sights view
    - Proper "Breath" mechanic implementation following best practices, and is scale-able.

    Proper walking / bobbing
    When character walks, the camera bobs slightly, but not as if the camera is locked to the head socket (that bobs way too much)

    There might be a few other things I'd like to get tutored for, but really my only goal is to understand in depth the industry standard / best practices for achieving this, because I've seen a lot of crappy implementations which are over simplified and wont work in the long run. The worst is a tutorial that glosses over this with a poor implementation, and then moves on to adding more poorly implemented mechanics. I'd much rather know how to do this really well before moving on!

    The tutorial can be with blueprints or c++, but the implementation should be industry standard. I'm looking for someone who has experience doing this. It would be nice to see more than one proper way of doing it as well. Send me a PM if you're interested.
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