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    [PAID] Collision programmer needed.

    Hey Guys ! looking for a skilled programmer who is familiar with Unreal 4 Collisions and using rays.
    My game is a Hobby project, And I can not pay a whole lot. ( I can put a few hundred into this) Lets talk about it more if you are interested.

    The environment is built out of cubes with various heights. There are also slopes with various angles. 0, 22.5, 45 and 90 degrees to name a few.
    I already have a test level ready to go, so no waiting!

    Some of the things that need programing are:
    2 gameplay modes via check box in player pawn,
    The first mode would be , character being able to attach to any polygon face in the level and walk between different angled surfaces.
    Second mode would be to have the character use the local gravity of the level which is always pointing down on world Z and can not climb up surfaces like 90 degree walls from a flat round.
    but they should be able to walk up ramps and step up on top of low blocks, like steps.

    a little more break down:

    Being able to walk over steps up to a specific height. ( Non Rotation mode)

    Walk over steps with a ramp leading to and away from the step. ( and of course if steps are too high, than the character shouldn't walk on top, but be blocked as if he's hitting a wall)
    All step up behaviors are for non rotation gameplay mode only...

    Walk over the edge of a block and down its side. (90 degrees)
    Walk from a 0 flat plane to a 90 degree wall. ( angles beyond 90 degrees are not to be walkable, unless its necessary to make the 90's work, wont ask it to be filtered out)

    Character movement over angle change in the environment needs to have a smooth transition between angles.( be it rotation mode or non rotation mode)
    For example walking from a 0 flat ground to a 45, degree ramp need to have a smooth transition.

    Walking along floor but side of character brush up against the edge of a curved wall( while in the non rotation mode) should allow character to move smoothly along wall without getting any hang ups as the character is pushed against and along the wall.
    (curved wall is built out of blocks with various angles)

    Jumping next to a wall shouldn't get the character stuck or hung up.

    ( Basic jump would need to be programed, to test)

    For more details and info please PM me.
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    Hi Tuxmask75

    I can help with this if you like, I know my Ray casts & Shape casts and I know UE4 collisions pretty well, I just finish a Skate Board prototype for a small British company and had to do so amazing stuff to get the collisions working great.
    PM me if you wanna chat more.

    Cheers GARTH