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[Contract] Producers/Programmers/Artists

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    [Contract] Producers/Programmers/Artists

    My company is looking for talent. Please note that The team won't have any more than 2 entities, mine being one of them. Also that there is no need for any type of software engineering. The following individual or group must be able to cover 2 or more of the following business functions.

    Producer to finance other content creators
    Programmer to process assets
    Artist to develop the storyline


    -You must be able to produce artistic content either personally or financially... and preferably financially giving me complete control to make everything while you sit back and get a bitcoin return.
    -Exclusively work on this project

    watch me play star wars on my trial (could have been sub 4 minutes had i known what I was doing lol)... (actually set the kills per round record on bf4 demo launch) (Yeah I'm probably one of the best shooter players in the world but Daybreak stole my tournament money (planetside2 launch), and it's not illegal to talk about illegal activity so deal with it, let's make an epic game) chickens all coming home boys.

    Is this some kind of joke?


      No it's not a joke. I can do all tasks related to engineering the product. If you are an artist or animator and don't want to be on a large team, or you don't have any skills but you are willing to produce the game (by paying for it), then you will make more money by being on a smaller team.

      Again I won a lot of money in the battlefield franchise and the planetside 2 launch tournament... I really don't have a whole lot more to code for the project. Yeah it's real.