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Shooter Buddies - Animator [CLOSED]

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    [ROYALTY] Shooter Buddies - Animator [CLOSED]

    Shooter Buddies

    Shooter Buddies is a first person point defense game. Four players will team up online to defend your planet's core from invading robots! Produce weapons and spend energy to upgrade your gear as the onslaught intensifies. There are a multitude of enemy types including fodder, flyer, tank and support roles each possessing unique abilities.

    Where we are:
    Currently our art and sound for the base game is almost finished. There is still a lot of content that will be added in the near future.
    Project started about a year ago and since then it grew nice and fast.
    Right now we are looking for an animator that is willing to devote a good chunk of his time for working with us.

    Our Team:
    • Bradon Hernandez - Programmer (Portfolio)
    • Enrique Ponce - Composer (Portfolio)
    • Dawid Kubas - Artist (Portfolio)

    Talent Required:
    • 3D Animator

    Experience with Unreal Engine’s animation pipeline is a plus.

    Animation reference - here is a complete list of our characters and animations that we require.
    The character design and abilities may change upon animator's request, we are open to ideas.


    If you think you have what it takes drop us an email.
    Please feel free to ask any questions.

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    Do you need a first person animator, somebody to animate third person animations, or both?


      Post updated ! Still looking for an animator.