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Looking for a flexible 3D artist

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    [CONTRACT/ROYALTY] Looking for a flexible 3D artist

    [PAID/UNPAID/CONTRACT/ROYALTY] Looking for a flexible 3D artist, capable of producing art with a "Modern, Dark, Zelda feel".

    Project Title:
    Work in progress, to be determined.

    Early development, if your art style matches what we're looking for; we can talk more.

    Team Name:
    Phinite Software, LLC

    Team Structure:
    Myself: Senior developer/architect with ~20 years experience in various fields of software development, as well as an enthusiast/jack of all trades who is self taught in many non-programming aspects of game development. (Eg. I currently use ZBrush, Topogun, Substance Painter suite, and MayaLT in my graphics pipeline; I also produce my own music, and have done some UI/UX design here and there).
    Olga: Project management, Marketing/PR
    You: A capable 3D artist, preferably able to handle modeling/texturing at the very least... Skinning/Rigging/Animation would be a great to have.
    More: If/When needed.

    Previous Work:
    None that are public; though you can find me on LinkedIn: Robert Roemmele

    Talent Required:
    As above, we're in need of a talented 3D artist. Would prefer someone willing to work under a royalties based contract, but if you've got a great portfolio that aligns with the art style we're looking for; I may be open to more up-front payment options. This is a self funded game.

    Early development, not yet available.

    Or simply pop me a message on here with your contact info (and a link to your portfolio if you have one).