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[Rev-Share][Team] 3D Action, legendary ninja w/spirit powers - Multiple positions open

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    [CONTRACT/ROYALTY] [Rev-Share][Team] 3D Action, legendary ninja w/spirit powers - Multiple positions open

    "Armed with supernatural abilities from a demonic curse, a legendary ninja struggles to survive against an endless army from the underworld; but when a great demon arrives, she must push her powers to the limits, at the risk of her own life, if she is to have any hope of defeating him."

    Tinman Studios, LLC is looking for talented individuals like you to work on our upcoming game, "Endless War: Demon's Touch", a fast-paced action tale set in Indonesian myth and culture. Originally started as a contest entry (, this game has become a passion project of ours and we are pushing it to completion.

    If you're interested in this game and want to join the team, we are currently looking for:

    UE4 Programmer

    UE4 Level Designer/Editor - Must have lighting and post-processing experience

    3D Modeler - Must be able to texture meshes. Will be working with two other talented modelers.

    Dedicated Texture Artist - We're aiming for an Overwatch style, and are currently researching a workflow for that. We'd like our texture artist to be confident in his/her ability to accomplish something this ambitious.

    The work is remote, so communication is important. Must be able to communicate with the team regularly.

    We will be upgrading our art style for the game and it will no longer resemble the style of the recently released demo.

    We are excited to expand our team and look forward to hearing from you. For more information, or to apply for these positions, please visit or email us at
    I was wondering if we should put up a jobs page or something on the website.
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    I sent my request to your email