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Card Game with Turn-Based Combat

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  • [ROYALTY] Card Game with Turn-Based Combat

    Hi, I have no idea how this will go, as I have no prior experience, but I want to create a card game with turn-based combat. (I haven't played these games, but I believe Magick, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, etc. are in this area - this project is not a clone of these, but there will probably be some overlap).

    I would like some advice on how to best set up the game. This includes the elements that are essential for building a game (menus, HUD, player control, input, etc.) I have watched some videos on how to set up a game, but I find it a little awkward (with blueprints, etc.) I will need help with running the game on various systems (PC, consoles, mobile). I work on Linux (if this has an impact on how the project will be created).

    I will need help with the following areas:
    Turn-based combat
    Random generation (receiving random cards from the deck, etc.)
    A levelling system (based on: experience, points)
    Effects that occur after (or over) several user turns (this may also have a random aspect)
    A.I. and setting up PvP multi-player games (the game wouldn't be much fun if there was no-one to play against.)

    I believe this project is achievable by a small group. If anyone is interested in working on this project I am happy to work with others and get new ideas.

    Thank you for your time, F6119474