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    [ROYALTY] Monument Valley

    Hey guys! I am a new and upcoming game developer with aspirations! Recently I have been messing around with a game called Monument Valley. There a great videos of it or buy the game (0.99$) and try it yourself. Anyways I am pretty good at environmental stuff but need some help with the actual mechanics of the game. I want to create a game very similar game and need help. I will be willing to split profits 25% for myself and 75% for partner. If more want to join I will decrease my percentage to make up for the additions. Anyways I can do all of the environments for the game, sound design as well as graphics and modeling. If anybody is interested let me know.
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    What kind of macanics you are looking for. Can u show some video

    Need help?
    google hangout or gmail


      Why is this listed as paid? It's royalty. Please change the thread title.
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        Changed the thread prefix to reflect that it's a royalty based project.


          Why don't you do something original?


            The game will be original. I have one good idea that I think will set it apart as well.
            Muzaheed here is a link to their website to give you a general idea of what the game looks like.

            Also sorry about the confusion with the prefixes.


              Can we perhaps see some of your modelling work?