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Looking for unreal artists for a restaurant job

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    [PAID] Looking for unreal artists for a restaurant job

    Hi all, we are looking for unreal artists to create a scene to simulate that a restaurant submerged underwater (TVs screens hidden behind windows that look like submarine portholes) with sea creatures swimming about. It's a project for a restaurant, take note that this is a pilot job and nothing mega budgeted, here are the requirements:

    To model 2 mermaids, rigged with 3 different sets of animations, waving towards camera, knocking on camera (as if she's knocking on the glass window when visitors are seeing it), swimming animation
    To model 1 old styled diver (with the round metal oxygen mask) with 3 sets of animation, such as waving towards camera, walking underwater and swimming underwater
    To model up to 10 kinds of fishes, swimming animation only.

    All these will be integrated into an underwater scene which we got an artist already doing. Reference images will be given for objects to be modelled. Another programmer will integrate everything so that each camera is tied to a PC and fish swims from one PC to another. Everything has to run concurrently as we're on a 2 month deadline. Interested parties are to email us with portfolio of past works + pricing. Please do not give us hourly pricing as it's hard to for us to gauge how long you are gonna take to do this thing. Preferred pricing to be based off per object/ item etc (such as mermaid with the animations x dollars).

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    As a friendly advice:

    Instead of using multiple PCs networked together just use one with a good hardware and multiple monitors instead.

    Technically you can use a render to texture with multiple cameras and put a master camera that focuses on the final texture. It'll save a lot on your project cost.


      I doubt a single PC would cut the mustard for seven displays - not to mention you'd have to cut visual fidelity pretty hard in order for it to really run.

      I don't think they'd necessarily need to really be networked though, unless it needed to be interactive somehow - and if it isn't interactive, why use a game engine?


        Hey.... well we did thought of using pre-rendered animations, but the client wants the animations to be 'randomised'. The only way to do I figured is this method... we thought of doing pre-rendered video as bg, while mermaids etc swim about as animated gifs or alpha quick time videos but the resources would be intensive...

        We tried splitting the video into 4, the edges of the models gets pixelated/ blurred pretty badly.


          You can do it from a single PC using Nvidia Quadro graphics cards---at least for 6 displays in that configuration. The Quadro graphics cards have a feature called Mosaic, where you can set up multiple displays to act as a single display. At our office here we have a system with 3 Quadro 4000 graphics cards, each with 2 40" TV's plugged in for a large 1x6 display. Using Mosaic it also has bezel correction and all of the apps use the displays as a single display. Performance though isn't great though with these graphics cards, right now we play a half-scale looping video all day, and we can run some basic 3D apps, but you'd want something more powerful. The cards we have right now are a few years old though, so I don't know what performance is like on the newer cards.


            It's not just the cards, the rest of the machine also becomes a bottleneck; a GPU is only as good as the data it can be fed in a given timeframe

            I suspect if you wanted to build a single machine to do it, it'd probably cost as much as, if not more than, seven mid-range towers.


              Originally posted by ambershee View Post

              I don't think they'd necessarily need to really be networked though, unless it needed to be interactive somehow - and if it isn't interactive, why use a game engine?
              It needs to be because all the submarine windows are going to belong to same underwater world and if you wish them to show random behaviour logic instead of predefined movie you'll need networking to keep them in sync


                Regardless of the technical hurdles above, which I am sure we can work out one way or another, this sounds like an amazing project that we would love to be a part of. I'll send you an email now but feel free to check out our site and our past work. Looking forward to working with you!
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