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    [CONTRACT/ROYALTY] Warmachines


    Need a C++ Programmer to help create a bullet system that when the bullet from a specific gun reaches a distance of 5ft from an enemy it explodes and burst into smaller bullets. The said smaller bullets will impact enemy player and cause damage. A good example of how this should work/look is available here (when Matt Damon fires the AK47):

    Team Name
    RedBeacon Studios

    Talent Required

    C++ Programmer
    C++ Programming a Must
    Unreal Engine 4.8 Experience a Must
    Expected to create bullet as described. Gun is currently setup and fully functional

    LethalLotus - Unreal Engine Forum userbame - Email

    I will seek you for further assets when needed and credits will go to your assets once game gets published.
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    Originally posted by LethalLotus View Post
    Unreal Engine 4.8 Experience a Must
    Specifically 4.8? That's a bit off, don't you think?


      Just a habit of putting in what engine version we are developing on.We had someone do some work for us and developed on 4.6 for some reason and well it didn't work very well in 4.8


        Thanks to Alvaro Abreu for the help on this project. The outcome was amazing and couldn't have been completed any better or sooner. I highly recommend Alvaro for C++ and Blueprint projects!
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