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Looking for a Lead Programmer for a 4X Space Strategy Game

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    [ROYALTY] Looking for a Lead Programmer for a 4X Space Strategy Game

    Hello Everyone.!

    I'm very new to the forums and decided to give it a go. The project details are as follows:

    Project Title:
    4X Space Strategy Game(Will be changed of course )

    Description of project:
    We(as a company) are currently applying for a government grant for pre-development stage. This involves submission of game design and technical design document. I'm currently in process of finishing the Game design document and may require help with the technical document.
    Once completed, we will be given the option to continue with alpha and beta development stage.

    Game Includes:
    Space Combat.
    Land/Planetary Combat.
    Spy Missions

    Company Name:
    Silver Halberd Entertainment Sdn. Bhd.

    Team Structure:
    Azhan Kamarudin (Project Creator)
    Project Management & Game Design

    Currently we are in the process of hiring a Concept Artist and a Programmer.
    Once we reached development stage, additional 3D Artist, UI designer and Programmers will be hired.

    Previous Work:
    N/A - first title.

    Talent Required:
    1) Lead UE Blueprint Programmer
    Vast amount of Experience with UE4
    At least 2 completed projects (Regardless of released/unreleased)
    Able to review work done by other programmers.
    Able to do Blueprint/C++ coding himself.

    E-mail: career[at]
    Or pm me the details here.
    Please describe clearly the Position, expectation (financial and workload) and work experience.

    Other details:
    All of the work will be done through Upwork (previously known as Odesk).
    You will be given permission to view progress and participate in development.
    All intellectual property will belong to the company as per grant requirement.

    Thanks for reading and I welcome any feedback regarding the post only.