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    [ROYALTY] C++ Programmer

    Hello, we are a team of developers who are currently creating a fighting game that will (hopefully) be out early 2016, but that is besides the point, we are in need of a programmer who is able to do the following things and have special requirements listed as such.

    But before that, this is the team we have so far:

    -Game Development Lead
    -3D Character Designer
    -Texture Artist
    -2D Character Design

    This is a small team, we could use your help as a programmer, now this is what our requirements are:

    -Ensure that game application meets functional and performance requirements.
    -Develop network protocols and systems to support online play.
    -Create specific gameplay features,
    -Ability to develop online play and co-op modes
    -Physics knowledge

    There may be more in the future, but this is all that we have on our list at the moment. If you are interested please contact my email at or post onto this forum
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    Come guys! Lets work together. I don't bite!


      add me on skype.. defiledx1 i have an idea