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[LFW] [UNPAID/ROYALTY] Freelance Music Producer / Audio Engineer

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    [LFW] [UNPAID/ROYALTY] Freelance Music Producer / Audio Engineer

    Hi there! I'm Jerry, a freelance music producer and audio engineer.

    <Audio Engineer> || <Music Producer>
    • <3 years audio engineering experience>
    • <5 year music producer experience>

    Previous Work:
    Freelance - Produced & mixed in-house multi-genred music using FL Studio for a number of independent artists throughout the United States. Music production services are marketed on social media websites (eg; twitter, facebook) and forums.


    Twitter: @PierceStrine

    Additional Information:
    • Able to multi-task effectively
    • Works well on a deadline
    • Has experience with the following audio production/editing software: FL Studio, Audacity, Reason, and Pro Tools 9
    • Only available 5 days a week
    • Native English speaker, has basic Spanish speaking skills.

    Comments welcome!
    Serious replies only please.
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        Hi Jerry!

        My name is Jordan and I'm interested in people like you that have your sort of experience. I am frequently working on my project as I balance between development and final year of college and would be happy if you took part into making my project become a reality. In terms of experience, I have only recently started learning Unreal Engine 4 since early February this year although I am gradually becoming proficient in UE4. It would be great if I had someone like you on my team, which is a collaborative effort now between 3, maybe 4 people (me, a level designer, a autodesk designer, and possibly an animator).

        A little info about my project: It is aiming to be an open-world, third-person sword fighting/stealth game set in Rome during gladiator times. The game will contrast between innovative combat and stealth sequences where you switch between two main characters. I have a fair grasp on what my story will be about, but am open to discussion on what to modify and change which we can discuss together if you are interested in this undertaking. At the moment I am currently working on a section that will flesh out to become a part of the main game (a gladiator arena) which I am currently using as a basis to learn and apply the main concepts of UE4 before going big into the real game. My personal goal is to have a game with outstanding gameplay mechanics and an emotional well-told story, coupled with realistic graphics to aid immersion (on the level of the UE4 Kite demo or better).

        If you are interested in joining me, feel free to send me a PM and send me a friend request on Steam (Icaraeus) Also, I suppose you could just reply in this thread haha


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