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[PAID] Looking for blueprint developer for a modular quest system + simple shooter AI

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    [PAID] Looking for blueprint developer for a modular quest system + simple shooter AI

    Project Title:
    A Western Story

    I'm helping a 13 year old to learn game design. We've gotten pretty far on the simple stuff with blueprints but there are some aspects of the game that I simply don't have time to accomplish and he isn't experienced enough to do on his own.

    I'm looking for a blueprint developer to help us create a simple, modular quest system. We need one quest in the style of the Elder Scrolls games. The quest is the basic "go out and kill some bad guys, find an item and return it for your reward" kind. This will require UMG, AI for the bad guys and some event triggers. Ideally it would be modular so that we can create other quests with minimal modification. Most of the quests will be "get this item and bring it back" or "kill this person".

    There will be 4 NPCs. Two basic bad guys, one boss bad guy and the quest giver / good guy. The bad guys just need to be able to shoot at you if you come in range and do a basic patrol.

    We can agree to a final rate but ideally I'd spend a couple hundred bucks on this. I'm pulling out of my own meager pocket and I don't necessarily expect the final game to be wildly successful or anything (its more for the fun and experience). You are free to sell the quest system on the asset store – Lord knows the asset store needs one.

    E-mail: shaw.nicola.walters [at]

    there's already one free built into the example pack, Its in the hud section I think, Its really easy to use too.
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