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[LFW PAID] Jericho Dani/ Danii EDM Music Producer Custom Music for only $5 per track

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    [LFW PAID] Jericho Dani/ Danii EDM Music Producer Custom Music for only $5 per track

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking to give back to the community with a skill set that I have honed for 10+ years throughout various styles. I will work with you to create the song you are looking for to compliment your game. You will have control over the process and you can even send me songs that capture the feeling you would like to have within your game. All styles are welcome (Can not record heavy guitars at the moment until I get some new cables).


    10+ years producing in various genres.
    5+ years working world wide with various artists
    Over 5000 different sounds to work with including Orchestral
    Ability to dissect almost any music style to create something within that style

    Previous Work/ Portfolio:

    (Building a library of music for Video Games, but a few samples in other styles)


    Additional Information:
    Payment must be made through Paypal (gifted in order to receive the full amount at no expense to either party)
    Contact will be made daily
    Available to work entire albums depending on workload
    50% upfront
    All styles welcome, the message me to ask and we can talk from there
    Will meet most deadlines
    I will give you a number to let you know what order you are on my list and a rough estimate of the date I will start
    Will finish first song in 1 to 5 days (closer to 2 or 3)
    I can compose from scratch based on screens or vids of your project to capture the feeling it gives off and we can tweak from there.
    Mixing and mastering will be done to your liking. If you do not like it, then we can simply go back and make the corrections you ask for.
    I am asking for no royalty, just credit and the initial payment.
    Limited to 3 mins tracks only (Loopable and may go over depending on the composition)

    If you speak languages other than English, I will do my best to translate via Google Translate. I am willing to work with absolutely anyone.
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