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Anyone in southern Tasmania, Australia

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    [UNPAID] Anyone in southern Tasmania, Australia

    Hi all i am looking for other subscribers that are located in or near Southern Tasmania, the bottom of the world basically. I am located in the Hobart area. Due to the location, it is difficult to team up with other developers/hobbyist to share ideas and to collaborate. Sure such things can be achieved online but it's not the same as being in the same place.

    I am not current trying to make a full game but i am more focusing in on specific areas of game play logic and systems, getting them working correctly. The idea being, to have a sort of pre-pre-alpha based game template to be able to take in different directions. But something that is much more advanced than the basic templates that come with the engine.

    I work in both c++ and Blueprint. I have some experience with maya and motionbuilder and are able to produce place holder assets but i don't consider myself as any type of artist.

    I have a family to support so i am working a full time day job. I spend all my spare time i have developing.

    So if you are in my area and are a programmer or artist, i doesn't matter, and wish to share ideas etc.. drop me a PM.

    Cheers, Chooka.

    Hey Chooka, fellow Hobation here,

    I'm sure in being hobart and all I've probably met you in person before! Anyway I've been having chats with a few other game devs in Hobart and we all agree it would be good to start forming a community here.

    We're hoping to have some events like Game Jams and get togethers to share ideas and projects etc. We'll probably start a Google+ group or some other online forum in the next couple days so we all have a place to communicate. I'll let you know when something happens.

    Edit: We've started a Google+ group for Tassie game devs: We might move it to Facebook if everyone hates Google + too much
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      Hi Karl, it's awesome to know that i am not the only person in tassie using ue. i look forward to keeping in touch.