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[UNPAID][EXP][PORTFOLIO] Story Driven Fantasy Action RPG on UE4

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    [UNPAID][EXP][PORTFOLIO] Story Driven Fantasy Action RPG on UE4

    Hello Everyone,

    This posting is primarily for unpaid positions, we have some paid concept art positions. For now though, you will receive free marketing from us by our studio showcasing your work allowing you to build your portfolio and experience. All credit of your work will be given directly to you.

    We're a new independent game studio based out of the U.S. We are working on a next generation story driven action RPG for the PS4, PC, Mac, and maybe the Xbox One and Linux. We have developed a story from the grass roots of role playing games, however this is not your generic, start the game as the hero, complete quests, and defeat the bad guy sort of game. Our story will make you and your party, question your notions of right and wrong, just and unjust and by the end you may be left wondering just who the hero really was.

    This is a game where we will want you to sit down and immerse yourself into the world. To search through houses and environments, picking through clues and unraveling the large, epic tale we have woven. Comparing the video games we play today to books, ask yourself, what was the last game you played with a story that you remember and liked?
    While we are determined to finish this project and see it through to the end for ourselves, and our players; any help you provide will help you and us. The work you make will be fully credited to you, allowing you to show it on your portfolio and get it shown off to the world via our marketing and advertising efforts.

    The idea for the game came from the realization that we needed more 3D RPGs that have engaging storylines. We hope to make this the kind of game for those of you that loved the Final Fantasy series and the Kingdom Hearts series. These are games we feel are good examples of how to form a personal connection with the characters. We want to try to recreate that kind of emotional connection to the story and the world.
    We have a grand vision for our world and characters. But we want to make it as good as it can be. The Unreal 4 engine is going to help a lot, as it's something new studios just two years ago only dreamed about. However, your help will drive this game's development further, and faster.

    What we have available to our studio -
    - A fully operational and registered game studio name, tax ID included!
    - A very powerful licensed game engine (UE4)
    - A basic mo-cap studio
    - Writers
    - A marketing agency
    - Initial alpha weapons
    - Our own internal email server
    - An internal cloud storage system; Owncloud (Think Dropbox and Google drive)
    - An internal wikipedia
    - Commissioned Character Artists (still need more)
    - A great responsive website! (

    What will help us -
    - Character modelers
    - Prop modelers
    - Environmental artists
    - Foley artists
    - UE4 programmers (C++) and Blueprint scripters
    - Concept Artists
    - A community manager
    - UI/XP Designer
    - An old age narration voice
    - Writers for side quests and side dialogue

    Please feel free to send us a message, email us, or a leave reply with any questions/comments you may have.

    -- A Lonely Wizard
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