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[UNPAID] Programmers, Artists and Riggers/Animators @ Impromptu Studios

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    [UNPAID] Programmers, Artists and Riggers/Animators @ Impromptu Studios

    Project Title:
    Codename: Project TWIN

    Application Link:

    Impromptu Studios, LLC, is looking to acquire talented individuals for our initial game venture. Our team consists of 40 volunteers ranging in skill level from green graduate to battle-hardened industry professionals. We are a fun, social group that is as interested in developing our studio culture as we are in the completion of our project. The time frame of this project is 6 - 9 months, with the genre being an RPG, based in a fantasy world.

    We are currently finishing our design phase, after spending about 2 months designing and balancing the game mechanics.

    Please note that this game project is purely for educational growth and experience; this game will be released as a not-for-profit digital release.

    PC - Single Player game using Unreal Engine 4.3

    Estimated Project Deadline:
    6-9 months

    When a young man is captured by slavers, the last thing he expects is to be thrust into a bitter conflict between alchemists, with the future of civilization hanging in the balance.

    • In-depth story, bringing back old-school RPG storytelling through a unique cast of characters.
    • An innovative combat system with chained abilities.
    • Dark/Cold environment, with rich, vibrant colors.

    Team Name:
    Impromptu Studios, LLC

    Team Structure:
    The list of team members is quite large (40 members), so it will not be posted here unless requested.

    Previous Work:
    N/A - first title

    Talent Required:
    Whilst we are a large group, we are attempting to keep this project agile in terms of development. This means you will be given modular tasks with weekly to bi-weekly deadlines. We are looking for like-minded individuals who are interested in finding their first break in the computer entertainment industry and/or simply adding project-based experience to their skill set and repertoire. Specific qualities we are looking for include:
    • Dedication
    • Reliability
    • Adaptability - especially to new technologies and/or methodologies
    • Originality
    • If you are an Artist, you must be able to work effectively from an Art Bible.
    • If you are a programmer, you must be able to work effectively from a Game Design Document.
    • Expected to attend the weekly team meeting and monthly all-studio meetings via Skype and/or Mumble. *Note* Meetings are adjusted around schedules to get max participation.

    Gameplay Programmer / BluePrint Engineer (0 positions available)
    • Must be very familiar with UE4 BluePrints and/or be a very strong C++ programmer familiar with the UE3 or UE4 framework.
    • Must use a valid UE4 license (version 4.3).
    • Will work with our Gameplay Programming Lead to implement gameplay systems, including: Quality Combat Systems, Dialog/Story, Artificial Intelligence, and Inventory. Previous experience creating and implementing these system is a plus.
    • Familiarity implementing quality movement systems, including wall/ledge grabbing and scaling, is a huge plus.

    Level Designer (2 positions available)
    • Must be familiar with the UE4 toolset and using geometry brushes to lay out levels in stages as meshes and props get created.
    • Must use a valid UE4 license (version 4.3).
    • Need to have some experience creating fun, intriguing levels and/or cities that can be explored.
    • Will work closely with environment artists and designers to implement the vision of each level, or open world zone.
    • Showing previous level design is a plus.

    UE4 Cinematic Engineer (1 position available)
    • Must be familiar with the UE4 toolset, Matinee and Persona in particular.
    • Must use a valid UE4 license (version 4.3).
    • Will work with our art, programming and design teams to accomplish all cinematic needs for the game project, including: in-engine teaser trailers and gameplay trailers.
    • Will be working closely with the animators to get the animations you need for cinematic scenes.

    VFX Designer / Lighting (3 positions available)
    • Must have experience with the UE4 toolset, Cascade Particle Systems and lighting/rendering pipeline in particular.
    • Must use a valid UE4 license (version 4.3).
    • Will work with our art and programming teams to create all particle effects needed to help bring the game to life.
    • Will assist the Cinematic Engineer in accomplishing the game trailers.
    • Must have a high attention to detail for making sure that the particle and lighting effects complement the scenes they are added to.

    Environment Artist (2 positions available)
    • Must have experience modeling and texturing environment objects.
    • Must be able to export to FBX with your preferred software suite - student software is ok.
    • Will work closely with level designers and prop artists to help populate the world with all objects.
    • Experience with the UE4 toolset and rendering pipeline is a plus.
    • Must use a valid UE4 license (version 4.3).

    UE4 Animator/Rigger (3+ positions available)
    • Must have experience with the UE4 toolset and animation pipeline, Persona Systems in particular.
    • Must use a valid UE4 license (version 4.3).
    • Must be highly experienced with skinning and rigging in your preferred animation software - student software is ok.
    • Having a demo reel is a plus.

    Prop Artist (3 positions available)
    • Will make high quality, yet low-poly, meshes and UV’s of various props needed in our world.
    • Will work closely with our texture artists to achieve the right look and feel for each object.
    • Experience with the UE4 toolset and a valid UE4 license (version 4.3), is a plus.
    • You will not be required to texture, but having the ability to texture is a plus.

    Character Artist (1 position available)
    • Will create a wide variety of NPC characters or some antagonist characters.
    • Will work closely with the Art Director and texture artists to achieve the proper look for each of the characters.
    • Must create characters in the standard T-pose to aid the animators and riggers.
    • Must create UVs of each character you make.
    • Experience modeling modular characters pieces to create a wide variety of characters is a plus, especially if that experience is in UE4.
    • Experience with the UE4 toolset is a huge plus.

    Application Link:

    Primary Contact:
    Producer/Recruitment Lead: Zach Chekouras
    Skype: zach.chekouras

    Please fill out the application and sign up on our forums, if you are interested.

    Thank you for your time and happy developing!
    Last edited by Element808; 08-07-2014, 05:13 AM. Reason: Added Application Link

    Thank you all for the interest in our project!

    We've received quite a few applications. We are no longer looking for Gameplay Programmers / BluePrint Engineers; however, if you are still interested, please fill out an application by following the link in the original post and we will keep your application on file for future openings.

    Thanks again!