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    Here are a few thoughts:

    Mech Cockpit Template - It would be interesting to see how gameplay elements scale "Not only in content" but in code as well. Further implementations might allow for people to enter the mech and exit the mech?
    Garage Template - Possibly for cars where you can place decals and modify things such as paint jobs and car models
    Abstract Template - An example of this would be Echochrome (Perspective Modifies Collision and Physics)
    Arcade Template - Like PacMan or Tetris or PinBall
    Race Car Template "Realistic" - This would follow the general rules of real life physics when it comes to drifting, speed, handling, etc.
    Race Car Template "Toon" - This would be more along the lines of a stylized arcade racer like "Crash Team Racing"
    Sidekick Template - For example, you are a third person player who needs to reach objectives that are "out of reach". So you deploy a helpful robot friend to drive under objects and interact with hidden elements.
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