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AnswerHub: 'The question is waiting approval by a moderator' randomly

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    For the most part it shouldn't happen, but posts with any vulgarity/profanity will get sent for approval first (even relatively tame words that have a different meaning in other parts of the world). Also it can happen when posting crash logs, sometimes the random letter combinations in the log will trip the system.

    If you want, PM me a link to one or two that got flagged recently (or if it happens again) and I'll look into why it happened.

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  • AnswerHub: 'The question is waiting approval by a moderator' randomly

    Sometimes when I want to report a bug/post a question, it gets stuck with 'The question is waiting approval by a moderator.' which usually takes really long (I know that it sometimes doesn't show up in queue or something, so it's a system fault)
    Do you also get this? I'm confused because in happens randomly to me and it doesn't matter if I post an image, if my report is short/long, etc...

    This probably prevents some spam, but it would be nice if AH users with at least some basic amount of karma points could post bypassing the moderation queue.
    Really, I only want to report a bug to help fixing the UE, I'm not trying to sell you some ding dong enlargement